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Roleplay and/or Roleplayer Search [Sep. 1st, 2009|07:21 pm]
Zack Fans
[mood |boredbored]

Okay. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of waiting a damn week for anyone to roleplay with me. I came to LJ to roleplay and have fun, but no one seems interested or fucking care to add me to their damn stories. I'm sick and tired of being left out in all of the fun, so I'm going to make a roleplayers ad or something. Dx

First things first, I've been roleplaying for a couple of years (4 or 5 years to be exact). The only character that I seem to roleplay correctly is Aerith Gainsborough and I want to get better and better at roleplaying as her before I pick another character to practice on, so I am only interested in a FFVII roleplay. One where Aerith is in it, she doesn't have to be the main person, but at least let her be somewhere.

The only pairings I would do for her is Zack x Aerith or Cloud x Aerith. If you want, then we can do a Zack x Aerith x Cloud thing because I had a lot of fun with that pairing. So in other words, I'm searching for someone to roleplay as Zack or Cloud.

Also, I am not just interested in those characters because I will happily roleplay with any other character from the FF world. I just want to roleplay with anyone to kill time and boredom. I remember the good old days where I would roleplay in this amazing place and whenever I was offline, I wanted to return to that place as fast as I could. Please....please! Let me feel that feeling again.

Yes. I want to roleplay either on LJ (our journals or on IMs) I have all three IMs - YIM, MSN, and AIM. If you want to roleplay with me then just ask through pm or comment, so I can give you my IM to start plotting something.

All I am begging is to roleplay with someone or anyone. Dx And if you think there is a roleplay that I'll like, then give me a link. Right now I have so much extra time that I want to use to roleplay and just that.

[User Picture]From: haruki_emishi
2010-02-22 06:46 pm (UTC)
Well hun I roleplay Zack actually so you're in luck. While I cannot always get on AIM I CAN get on LJ and all that jazz. So if you want to do something just e-mail me at SkyeAerrow@gmail.com or PM my LJ.
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