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zackfans's Journal

Zack Fans
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Zack is a character from the popular (meaning you should kill yourself for liking something trendy omggzomg go join the anti_ffvii community so your e-cock can get HUGE) video game Final Fantasy VII, with nary a second of screen time unless you happen to wander into the Nibelheim basement after a certain point in the game. For a long while he had virtually no fan base because of this, despite being extremely important and integral to the plot and happenings.

Although I'm happy to say things like Advent Children/Last Order/other upcoming titles are really fleshing out his character and proving his importance, he's always been one of those characters who is inevitably overlooked, despite his importance, self-sacrificing nature, determination, and amazing sense of humor. Simply put, he's the shit, and for a long time didn't get enough recognition beyond the occasional butt-buddy doujinshi or fanfiction. Regardless, I welcome ALL Zack fans, even if you simply love him for how hot he looks with Seph or Cloud. No elitist bullshit here, because sometimes, I have to love him for that too.

So, join if you like/love Zack, and post anything you want relating to the subject of him. Pictures, essays, fanfics, fanart, go nuts. Keep the Zack love alive.